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Jeffery K. G. J., Atkinson M., Zhao Z., Chen Y., Nieva De La Hidalga A., Hardisty A., Legre Y., Candela L., Bailo D., Loubrieu T., Magagna B. ENVRI PLUS - A development plan for common operations and cross-cutting services based on a network of data managers and developers. Work Package 5 - Reference Model Guided Ri Design. ENVRIplus - Environmental Research Infrastructures Providing Shared Solutions for Science and Society. Deliverable D5.4, 2017.
ENVRIplus is - by its very nature - a heterogeneous distributed network of Research Infrastructures (RI) for providing the advanced supporting environments for environmental scientists. Thus, a key feature of any recommended conceptual architecture for RIs - for their own beneficial utilisation and also for RI interoperation - requires the recommendation of common operations and cross-cutting services to allow the researchers to perform their work effectively and efficiently and to allow access to RIs other than the one to which they are usually attached in order to encourage - where appropriate - multidisciplinary research. Identification of computational objects in the RM (Reference Model) of the ENVRI project provides a basis; the purpose of WP5 in ENVRIplus is 'providing a novel ENVRIPLUS Reference Model which should be developed not only based on the existing ENVRI RM but should also include the latest development insights from other successful RIs'1. Thus, a re-examination of the requirements from D5.1 within ENVRIplus [Atkinson et al. 2016] is the start point, wherever possible, for a proper matching with the (developing) ENVRI RM. These common aspects emerge from two directions: (1) the state of the art, which provides opportunities for utilisation in ENVRIplus and (2) the requirements, which provide the specifications of the services and operations needed by the users of the ENVRIplus RIs. The common aspects form a key basis to achieve the distributed, interoperating architecture recommended for ENVRIplus providing the RIs with an evolutionary direction for the individual RIs to adopt best practice and for them to become interoperable. The development plan provides a stepwise approach to achieve the architecture recommended for ENVRIplus.
Subject Environmental research infrastructures
Reference models

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