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Biagioni S., Carlesi C., Barsotti A., Pardini A. GreyGuide Portal and Repositories "Sharing knowledge as early as possible". In: GL19 - Nineteenth International Conference on Grey Literature - Public Awareness and Access to Grey Literature (Roma, CNR, 23-24 October 2017). Abstract, pp. 77 - 77. D. Farace and J Frantzen, GreyNet International (eds.). (GL Conference Series, ISSN 1385-2308, vol. 19). TextRelease, Amsterdam, NL, 2017.
The GreyGuide - Repository and Guide to Good Practices and Resources in Grey Literature was launched in 2013 as a collaborative effort between GreyNet International and ISTI-CNR. It aims at . Offering information professionals, practitioners, and students common ground for good practices and resources in grey literature; . Providing support for all stakeholders working on Grey Literature related research issues; . Being consistent with recommendations made in the Pisa Declaration on Policy Development for Grey Literature Resources as well as Open Science guiding principles. . The European Commission sees the shift to an open science system as a source of competitive advantage for Europe. Open science covers the cycle of research from conceptualizing to analyzing and publishing It embraces all types of scientific knowledge, from research data to journal articles to presentation slides, and all manner of stakeholders: researchers, funders, policymakers, citizens, enterprises, and publishers. Open science is a new approach to the scientific process based on cooperative work, coupled to new tools for collaboration, and new routes for knowledge diffusion through online digital technologies. Open science entails a shift from the standard practice of publishing research results in scientific journals, towards sharing all available data and knowledge at the earliest stages of the research process. It requires a move from 'publishing as fast as possible' to 'sharing knowledge as early as possible' This year activities dealing with the GreyGuide have focused on developing a new version of its Portal and designing a thematic repository - a work still in progress. The focus is geared to 'Open Access Knowledge', which includes aspects of Open Access, Open Data, and Open Source. In brief, it adheres to an Open Science Vision. Two new open access sections have been added to the Portal in an effort to make available diverse types of documents, namely: Slides Presentations, Conference Proceedings, Program books, GreyNet In-house Publications, Info Adverts; and Training materials.
URL: http://greyguide.isti.cnr.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/GL19ProgramBook-min.pdf
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