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Germanese D., D'Acunto M., Magrini M., Righi M., Salvetti O. Self-monitoring the breath for the prevention of cardio-metabolic risk. In: SENSORDEVICES 2017 - Eighth International Conference on Sensor Device Technologies and Applications (Rome, Italy, 10-14 September 2017). Proceedings, pp. 96 - 101. IARIA, 2017.
Breath analysis techniques offer a potential revolution in health care diagnostics because of their un-obtrusiveness and their inherent safety. However, while standard instrumentation such as mass spectrometers use laboratory settings to provide a correlation between exhaled substances and physical conditions, to fully realize the potential of breath analysis as a self-monitoring tool, its application must take place also in the clinics and at home and not only in a laboratory. This basic requirement has stimulated the necessity to develop cheap, portable, real time, easy-to-use devices for reliable breath tests and analysis. In this paper, we present the design of a portable breath analyzer, able to sense a set of breath volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to perform a processing of the data collected and to generate an output easily interpreted both by physicians and patients.
Subject Breath analysis
Gas sensors
Portable device
Signal processing
H. Information Systems
J.3 Life and Medical Sciences
37-xx Dynamical Systems and ergodic theory

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