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Banterle F., Dellepiane M., Evans T., Gattiglia G., Itkin B., Zallocco M. The ArchAIDE project: results and perspectives after the first year. In: GCH 2017 - 15th Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (Graz, Austria, 27-29 September 2017). Proceedings, pp. 161 - 164. The Eurographics Association, 2017.
The ArchAIDE project is a Horizon 2020 project that has the main goal to digitally support the day-to-day operations on the field of archaeologists. This allows them to reduce time and costs of delivering an accurate and quick classification of ancient pottery artifacts. To effectively reach such ambitious goal, the project has several sub-goals: (semi-)automatic digitalization of archaeological catalogs, a mobile app to be used on site for live classification of sherds with the generation of a complete potsherds identity card (ready for print), and an on-line database with real-time visualization of data. In this paper, we describe the work carried out during the first year of life of this project. The main focus is on the procedure for digitizing paper catalogs in an automatic way, and more precisely we will discuss: archeologist's methodologies, digitalization of text, vectorization of technical drawings, and shape-based classification of virtual fragments.
URL: http://https://diglib.eg.org/handle/10.2312/gch20171308
DOI: 10.2312/gch.20171308
Subject Graphics systems and interfaces
Machine learning approaches
Data management systems
I.4.1 IMAGE PROCESSING AND COMPUTER VISION. Digitization and Image Capture
I.3.7 COMPUTER GRAPHICS. Three-Dimensional Graphics and Realism

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