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Lucchesi M., Padovani C., Pasquinelli G., Pintucchi B., Zani N. Numerical modelling of the dynamic behaviour of masonry structures. vol. Chapter 3 J.W. Bull (ed.). (Computational Science, Engineering & Technology Series (CSETS), vol. 39). Stirlingshire, UK: Saxe-Coburg Publications, 2017.
This chapter is devoted to comparing two numerical approaches for modelling the dynamic behaviour of masonry structures. The constitutive equation of masonry-like materials with bounded compressive strength and the dynamic problem for both three-dimensional bodies and one-dimensional structures are presented. The numerical methods implemented in the codes NOSA and MADY, respectively for three- and one-dimensional structures, are outlined. With the aim of comparing the two numerical procedures, two examples, a masonry tower with rectangular cross-section and a masonry arch, are addressed. The structures are subjected to their own weight and to three accelerograms recorded during real earthquakes. The comparison with the numerical results obtained assuming a linear elastic behaviour for the materials constituting the tower and the arch has stressed the importance of accurate constitutive models for masonry.
URL: http://www.ctresources.info/csets/chapter.html?id=632
Subject Masonry
Nonlinear dynamics
Numerical methods

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