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Baptiste A., Tarini M., Wywill B., Barthe L., Tagliasacchi A. Sketch-based implicit blending. In: ACM Transactions on Graphics, vol. 36 (6) article n. 181. ACM, 2017.
Implicit models can be combined by using composition operators; functions that determine the resulting shape. Recently, gradient-based composition operators have been used to express a variety of behaviours including smooth transitions, sharp edges, contact surfaces, bulging, or any combinations. The problem for designers is that building new operators is a complex task that requires specialized technical knowledge. In this work, we introduce an automatic method for deriving a gradient-based implicit operator from 2D drawings that prototype the intended visual behaviour. To solve this inverse problem, in which a shape defines a function, we introduce a general template for implicit operators. A user's sketch is interpreted as samples in the 3D operator's domain. We fit the template to the samples with a non-rigid registration approach. The process works at interactive rates and can accommodate successive refinements by the user. The final result can be applied to 3D surfaces as well as to 2D shapes. Our method is able to replicate the effect of any blending operator presented in the literature, as well as generating new ones such as non-commutative operators. We demonstrate the usability of our method with examples in font-design, collision-response modeling, implicit skinning, and complex shape design.
URL: http://https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3130825
DOI: 10.1145/3130800.3130825
Subject Implicit Surfaces
Sketch-based modeling
I. Computing methodologies. Shape modeling

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