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Pietroni N., Tarini M., Vaxman A., Panozzo D., Cignoni P. Position-based tensegrity design. In: ACM Transactions on Graphics, vol. 36 (6) article n. 172. ACM, 2017.
We propose a novel framework for the computational design of tensegrity structures, which are constructions made of struts and cables, held rigid by continuous tension between the elements. Tensegrities are known to be di cult to design-existing design methods are often restricted to us- ing symmetric or templated con gurations, limiting the design space to simple constructions. We introduce an algorithm to automatically create free-form stable tensegrity designs that satisfy both fabrication and geo- metric constraints, and faithfully approximate input geometric shapes. Our approach sidesteps the usual force-based approach in favor of a geometric optimization on the positions of the elements. Equipped with this formu- lation, we provide a design framework to explore the highly constrained space of tensegrity structures. We validate our method with simulations and real-world constructions.
URL: http://vcg.isti.cnr.it/Publications/2017/PTVPC17/
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1145/3130800.3130809
Subject Tensegrity
Architectural Geometry
I.3.5 COMPUTER GRAPHICS. Computational Geometry and Object Modeling
68U05 Computer graphics; computational geometry

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