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Palumbo F., La Rosa D., Ferro E., Bacciu D., Gallicchio C., Micheli A., Chessa S., Vozzi F., Parodi O. Reliability and human factors in Ambient Assisted Living environments. In: Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments, vol. Online First pp. 1 - 19. Springer, [Online First 17 June 2017]
Malnutrition, sedentariness, and cognitive decline in elderly people represent the target areas addressed by the DOREMI project. It aimed at developing a systemic solution for elderly, able to prolong their functional and cognitive capacity by empowering, stimulating, and unobtrusively monitoring the daily activities according to well-defined "Active Ageing" life-style protocols. Besides the key features of DOREMI in terms of technological and medical protocol solutions, this work is focused on the analysis of the impact of such a solution on the daily life of users and how the users' behaviour modifies the expected results of the system in a long-term perspective. To this end, we analyse the reliability of the whole system in terms of human factors and their effects on the reliability requirements identified before starting the experimentation in the pilot sites. After giving an overview of the technological solutions we adopted in the project, this paper concentrates on the activities conducted during the two pilot site studies (32 test sites across UK and Italy), the users' experience of the entire system, and how human factors influenced its overall reliability.
URL: http://https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s40860-017-0042-1
DOI: 10.1007/s40860-017-0042-1
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
Human Factors
Intelligent Environments
D.2.4 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. Software/Program Verification

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