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Bacco M., De Cola T., Giambene G., Gotta A. M2M traffic via random access satellite links: interactions between transport and MAC layers. Working paper, 2016.
Machine-to-machine services are witnessing an unprecedented diffusion, which is expected to result in an ever-increasing data traffic load. In this context, satellite technology is playing a pivotal role, since it enables a widespread provisioning of machine-to-machine services. In particular, oil industry, maritime communications, as well as remote monitoring are sectors where the use of satellite communications is expected to dramatically explode within the next few years. In the light of this sudden increase of machine-to-machine data transported over satellite, a more thorough understanding of machine-to-machine service implementation over satellite is required, especially focusing on the interaction between transport and MAC layers of the protocol stack. Starting from these observations, this paper thoroughly analyses the interaction between TCP and the Contention Resolution Diversity Slotted Aloha access scheme defined in the DVB-RCS2 standard, assuming the use of an MQTT-like protocol to distribute machine-to-machine services. A novel TCP model is developed and validated through extensive simulation campaigns, which also shed important lights on the design choices enabling the efficient transport of machine-to-machine data via satellite.
Subject M2M

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