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Locuratolo E. I. Giving a frame to the concept space. Lavoro sottomesso per pubblicazione "Editoria Universitalia", Technical report, 2016.
The concept space is large, unexplored and open. Recently, concept structures preserving database concepts have been designed in the concept space. The properties of concept completeness and of class/concept completeness have been determined for the designed structures. Correct concept structures enjoying these properties delimit a subset of the concept space. Outside incompleteness holds. The properties are exploited to frame the concept space. Moreover, they are reference points for the introduction of new concepts and new concept structures in the open space. These structures can be correct, uncorrect, not necessary linked with the world of computer science. Examples of the frame applicability are given. In particular, a concept structure, representing a metaphor is introduced.
Subject Preservation of Database Concepts
Database Partitioning
Equivalence Class
Equivalence Relation
Class/concept completeness
Intensional level
Extensional Level
Multidimensional representation
Concept space
D.3.1 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES. Public Policy Issues. Formal Definitions and Theory. Semantics
H.1 Information systems. MODELS AND PRINCIPLES
G.2.2 Graph Theory. DISCRETE MATHEMATICS. Hypergraphs
58 Global Analysis
97 Mathematical Education
68 Computer Science

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