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Carlini E., Coppola M., Dazzi P., Mordacchini M. Challenges to be addressed for realising an Ephemeral Cloud Federation. Technical report, 2016.
This paper sketches the challenges to address to realise a support able to achieve an Ephemeral Cloud Federation, an innovative cloud computing paradigm that enables the exploitation of a dynamic, personalised and context-aware set of resources. The aim of the Ephemeral Federation is to answer to the need of combining private data-centres with both federation of cloud providers and the resource on the edge of the network. The goal of the Ephemeral Federation is to deliver a context-aware and personalised federations of computational, data and network resources, able to manage their heterogeneity in a highly distributed deployment, which can dynamically bring data and computation close to the final user.
Subject Cloud Computing
C.1.4 PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURES. Parallel Architectures

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