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Naruse M., Kim S., Takahashi T., Aono M., Akahane K., D'Acunto M., Hori H., ThylÚn L., Katori M., Ohtsu M. Percolation of optical excitation mediated by near-field interactions. Technical report, 2016.
Optical excitation transfer in nanostructured matter has been intensively studied in various material systems for versatile applications. Herein, we discuss the percolation of optical excitations in randomly organized nanostructures caused by optical near-field interactions governed by Yukawa potential in a two-dimensional stochastic model. The model results demonstrate the appearance of two phases of percolation of optical excitation as a function of the localization degree of near-field interaction. Moreover, it indicates sublinear scaling with percolation distance when the light localization is strong. The results provide fundamental insights into optical excitation transfer and will facilitate the design and analysis of nanoscale signal transfer characteristics.
In questo lavoro viene studiato un nuovo sistema nanostrutturato composto da quantum dots per il trasferimento di eccitazione ottica.
Subject Near-Field Photonics
B.4.1 Data Communications Devices
35Q60 PDEs in connection with optics and electromagnetic theory

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