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Davoli F., Marchese M., Patrone F., Bacco M., Colucci M., Gotta A., Panagopoulos A. D., Kourogiorgas C. SatNEx IV - CoO1 Part2 WI1 D1 Mid Term Report, "Multi-homed network architectures for flying ad-hoc networks (FANETs) and nano-satellite swarms". SatNEx IV. Project report TR 2, 2016.
This report contains a survey of the State of the Art about Flying Ad-hoc Networks (FANETs) and Nanosatellite swarms. Section 1 contains a description of the state of the art about Nanosatellites (hardware characteristics and costs) and Nanosatellite constellations (orbital parameters, different type of constellations, intersatellite links). Section 2 aims to introduce network architectures for FANETs identified in literature. Also a brief overview of software-defined networking is presented with the goal to figure out whether or not in some research studies SDN has already been applied in wireless/mobile networks. Finally, Section 3 briefly presents channel modeling due to local environment effects that may be applied for both Nanosatellite and UAV links taking into account the proper modifications and the used frequency bands.
Subject Nanosatellite

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