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Davoli F., Marchese M., Patrone F., Bacco M., Colucci M., Gotta A., Panagopoulos A. D., Kourogiorgas C. SatNEx IV - CoO1 Part2 WI1 Technical Report 1, "Multi-homed network architectures for flying ad-hoc networks (FANETs) and nano-satellite swarms". SatNEx IV. Project report TR 1, 2016.
Survey of the State of the Art and identification of scenarios about: - Literature on existing solutions (if any) enabling data transmissions from FANETs to the space segment, including antennas and air interfaces (physical layer) for FANETs and Nanosatellites, and accurate channel model synthesizers at various frequency bands. - Identification of challenges related to MAC, transport, and application layer design, also concerning M2M scenarios. - Nanosatellite types that can be used to implement a satellite swarm for communication purposes. The aim of this study is to find the best set of satellite hardware characteristics, of satellite swarm parameters (such as satellite number, altitude, inclination, ...), and of network design parameters (such as node buffer size, overall cost, network lifetime, guaranteed performance level, ...) necessary to create a DTN/Nanosatellite network able to extend Internet connectivity to a given number of rural areas. - Identification and classification of application-driven requirements in terms of bandwidth and of QoS constraints, having in mind disaster relief and public safety as possible reference applications.
Subject Nanosatellite

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