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Nardi N., Laurent Y., Ellenbroek A., Pagano P. EGI-Engage - D2.7 market report on the fishery and marine sciences data analysis sector. EGI-Engage. Deliverable D2.7, 2016.
This document introduces the Fishery and Marine Sciences Data Analysis Sector to EGI through a top-down approach, which presents a market analysis, a domain and stakeholder analysis, and data flow analysis. In addition, a bottom-up approach was adopted and presents a survey analysis (questionnaire, interview, example initiative serving the community). The work is supported by EGI-Engage TNA2.3, and works towards its objectives by developing the EGI business engagement programme and service exploitation programme by offering services for exploitation of fishery and marine data to innovators. The expected outcome is new collaborations with SME's and other stakeholder types. This will be achieved by providing a clear introduction to the sector, its domains, stakeholders, and data value chains. Furthermore, this document allows EGI to learn the data needs and challenges of the different stakeholder types, giving insights about the community requirements, preparing EGI for any future engagement/collaboration (if desired) which could lead to the creation of future business collaborations.
URL: http://https://documents.egi.eu/document/2700
Subject Fishery and Marine Sciences Data Analysis
H3.7 - Digital Libraries

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