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Candela L., Manghi P., Pagano P. SoBigData - Best practices and guidelines towards interoperability. SoBigData Research Infrastructure Social Mining & Big Data Ecosystem. Deliverable D10.1, 2016.
Interoperability is one of the key problems to be resolved when building a system as a "collection" of independently developed constituents (systems on their own) that should cooperate and rely on each other to contribute to realise the system tasks. The SoBigData e-Infrastructure is a "system" strongly characterised by such an aggregative nature and thus its development is largely exposed to the interoperability issue. This deliverable describes a growing set of approaches, practices and guidelines aiming at overcoming interoperability issues in the SoBigData e-Infrastructure. It has an "ongoing" nature, i.e. the actual and always up to date set of practices and guidelines characterising the interoperability approaches in SoBigData e-Infrastructure are captured by a set of dedicated Wiki pages.
Subject Interoperability
Best practice
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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