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Atkinson M., Hardisty A., Filgueira R., Alexandru C., Vermeulen A., Jeffery K., Loubrieu T., Candela L., Magagna B., Martin P., Chen Y., Hellström M. ENVRI PLUS - Deliverable 5.1: A consistent characterisation of existing and planned RIs. ENVRIplus. Deliverable 5.1, 2016.
This report refreshes and revises the information about the Environmental Research Infrastructures (RIs), primarily those engaged in ENVRIplus, and available technologies in order to clarify requirements, identify issues and highlight opportunities. The main subjects in this report were selected by the RIs themselves. Nevertheless, the team involved in this product noticed additional common requirements of priority and it was decided to also take these up in supporting the RI developments. All findings and recommendations will be used within the ENVRIplus project to inform the subsequent work. Research developing the required information has helped develop a vital channel of communication between computing specialists with application specialists and strategists.
Subject Environmental research infrastructures
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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