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Moroni D., Tampucci M., Renda E., Parkinson A., Davidson S. MobiWallet - Pilot evaluation and validation (Final Report). Pilot Evaluation and Validation (Final Report). Deliverable D5.1.2, 2016.
This final deliverable includes the evaluation and validation of each of the pilots deployed in MobiWallet project. Having the overall methodology being described in in the interim version D5.1.1, in this final document, we discuss and motivate the changes and the improvements that were made in this period and, more importantly, we analyse the data that were collected. Several instruments including balances scorecards, pre- and post- trials surveys and focus groups are used to evaluate each pilot from different perspectives. As already stated, although each pilot has its own specificities and deploys somewhat different technologies, the monitoring framework is global and permits to understand pros and cons of the heterogeneous solutions that were experimented during the project.
Subject Interoperable Fare Management
Internet of Things
Factory Acceptance Testing
Site Acceptance Testing
D.4.8 OPERATING SYSTEMS. Performance

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