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Miori V., Russo D., Pillitteri L. AAL-SOCIALIZE - Use case specification report. SOCIALIZE - Service OrIented Assisted Living InfrastucturE. Deliverable D1.7, 2016.
The purpose of this document is to provide relevant use case scenarios for the SOCIALIZE project, which will be translated into requirements towards the other work packages. The use case diagram emphasizes goals of the system, not processes. Use case actors are the users who want to achieve those goals. Actors are roles or relationships between users and the system. These roles may be played by systems, people, or devices. Associations are the visual means identifying interactions between actors and use cases or between use cases. Results will be then analyzed from a sociological and economic point of view, so as to derive recommendations for the user acceptance of useful and viable applications as well as the development of a business scenarios.
URL: http://deliverables.aal-europe.eu/call-3/socialize
Subject Socialize
AAL frameworks
Time Bank
Active Age
Elderly's monitoring
K.4.1 COMPUTERS AND SOCIETY. Public Policy Issues. Privacy

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