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Miori V., Russo D. AAL-SOCIALIZE - State of the art tech assessment. SOCIALIZE - Service OrIented Assisted Living InfrastucturE. Deliverable D1.5, 2016.
Within SOCIALIZE approach the main aim of the technology should be to improve the quality of life and, in particular, of disabled and elderly. This was the main criteria to select some of the most useful technology fitting the SOCIALIZE vision. The progress of the technology in this field was possible in particular for the research works in areas like intelligent building, telematics, computer vision, robotics, artificial intelligence and so on. Moreover, an important contribution for these technological advances is also due for the increase of computational power of systems that become increasingly less expensive. Despite, modern society should use its resources to promote the social integration of elderly people by enabling them to be autonomous and by helping them to gain access to education and working environments. The aim of this deliverable is to: . focus on the current market state of art of the technologies, identifying which of them will be the most promising in two or three years after the end of the project; . focus on the reasons concerning competition and market challenges; . identify technologies used to achieve the aims of Socialize (Model) and technology services chosen because they are particularly suitable to implement the optimal model; . describe technological solutions that will be provided in Socialize taking into account the work done in the previous European projects dealing with ours similar issues, identifying what has been already done and to consider that as a starting point.
URL: http://deliverables.aal-europe.eu/call-3/socialize
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