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Miori V., Russo D. AAL-SOCIALIZE - Survey of Ethical, Social and Economic impact and evolution. SOCIALIZE - Service OrIented Assisted Living InfrastucturE. Deliverable D1.1, 2016.
The deliverable 1.1 entitled "Survey of Ethical, Social and Economic impact and evolution" is subdivided in several paragraphs describing the main relations between ICT and elderly people. The deliverable provides a "PEST" analysis taking into account Political, Economic, Social and Technological aspects underlining the relevance and need to use ICTs for elderly. The report explores the impact of mobile devices, more specifically smart phones and tablets, on the different "classes" of seniors. Tablets and smart phones removed major part of the blocks in accessing new technologies; actual grandfathers and grandmothers using tablets to play social games or to communicate with nephews are no more considered as an exception. The next generation entering the third age is mainly a generation of "digital immigrants" already trained on computing and from that one onward there would be a no more "cultural" barriers.As a consequence relevant part of the document is devoted to the identification of such aspects and proper management of them: granular consent, informed consent, data anonymization, etc. etc. To conclude some guidelines and the foreseen implementation of the findings in SOCIALIZE are provided.
URL: http://deliverables.aal-europe.eu/call-3/socialize
Subject Socialize
Social inclusion
Digital divide
K.4.1 COMPUTERS AND SOCIETY. Public Policy Issues. Ethics

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