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Bacciu D., Gallicchio C., Micheli A., Fortunati L., Palumbo F., La Rosa D., Kropf J., Hanke S., Kreiner K., Chessa S., Ferro E., Barsocchi P., Potort́ F., Furfari F. DOREMI - Validation and assessment of the recognition/classification models. Decrease of cOgnitive decline, malnutrRition and sedEntariness by elderly empowerment in lifestyle Management and social Inclusion. Deliverable D4.3, 2016.
Deliverable D4.3 describes the process of training, model selection and validation adopted to identify the most adequate setting (and fitting of the parameters) for the activity recognition components developed in WP4 and deployed in the DOREMI pilot phase. A detailed account of the experimental assessment of the expected performances on DOREMI laboratory data collected by task 6.1 (as per DoW) is provided. The deliverable also reports basic aggregated statistics on the data generated by the activity recognition and reasoning components during the DOREMI pilot experimental phases. Finally, it is provided a post-hoc assessment of the unsupervised exploratory data analysis and reasoning components following the UK pilots.
Subject Human activity recognition
Reasoning system
Machine learning,
Predictive learning models
Explorative data analysis
Model selection and validation
High-level system architecture
Pilot sites experiments

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