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Re B., Polini A., Corradini F., Thönssen B., Efendioglu N., Simard J., Sergiacomi A., Balducci A., Giorgio L., Carota S., Ferrari A., Gnesi S., Spagnolo G. O., Bertolino A. LEARN PAD - Demonstrators populated learning platform. Learn PAd - Model-Based Social Learning for Public Administrations. Deliverable D8.3, 2016.
The main goal of this deliverable is to early collect end-users feedback about the platform imple- mented functionalities for the sake of the Learn PAd consortium. End-users needs and expectations are driving forces of the Learn PAd project, that is why a validation has been carried out to ensure that the early version of the Learn PAd platform properly addresses them. The early validation was carried out considering the running instance of the Learn PAd platform available (since 06 November 2015) at the address: http://testbed.learnpad.eu/. A group of users sampled from both the project demonstrators tested the Learn PAd platform and provided us with feedback and comments to improve it. Results from such validation are reported in the first part of this deliverable. Moreover, even if not explicitly requested in the DoW, a further validation was also done to check the goodness of BPMN modelling understandability guidelines that we defined in WP4. This further validation involved a questionnaire and a focus group with the aim to guarantee that the defined BP modelling understandability guidelines actually contribute to improve BP model understandability. In the second part of this deliverable we report in detail the results of the modelling guidelines valida- tion. From the guidelines validation, we can assert that models designed following BPMN modelling understandability guidelines indeed result to be better understandable than the ones generated by not following the guidelines. In fact, for such reason the BP models used in the deployed running instance of the Learn PAd platform involved in the user early validation are those conforming to the guidelines.
Subject Public Administration
European Project Budget Report
Modelling environment
Learning Platform

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