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Monteiro De Lira V., Renso C., Rinzivillo S., Perego R., Cesario Times V. Searching and ranking activity-based carpooling ride. In: IIR 2016 - 7th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop (Venezia, Italy, 30-31 May 2016). Abstract, article n. 10. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Franco Maria Nardini, Salvatore Orlando (eds.). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, vol. 1653). CEUR-WS.org, 2016.
The development of the cities provides several places where to perform our daily activities. Usually people can find worth options of restaurants, gyms, cin- emas, supermarkets and so on, thus not to be restricted to move to a fixed place [1,3]. This extended abstract shortly summarizes the work in [2] a proto- type of ComeWithMe, a carpooling service that takes into account the desired activity of the passenger offering additional destinations, besides to allow the delay/anticipate of their movements. ComeWithMe was developed using infor- mation retrieval techniques to supply requirements in scalability and efficiency on the query processing. An inverted index is used to optimize the retrieval of the possible rides, and a ranking model is applied to score the results according to the convenience of the user. The usability is achieved by providing a user-friendly mobile interface running on smart-phones,while an evaluation of the system is object of ongoing work.
URL: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1653/
Subject Carpooling
H.2.8 Database Applications

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