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Brilhante I., Macêdo J. A. F., Nardini F. M., Perego R., Renso C. User-item group formation with GroupFinder. In: IIR 2016 - 7th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop (Venezia, Italy, 30-31 May 2016). Atti, article n. 2. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Franco Maria Nardini, Salvatore Orlando (eds.). (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, vol. 1653). CEUR-WS, 2016.
The GroupFinder framework addresses the new problem of recommending the best group of friends with whom to enjoy a given item, e.g., a travel destination or a movie. Given a user, her social net- work and a recommended item that is relevant for the user, our novel recommendation task tries to maximize: i) the relevance of the recom- mended item for every member of the group, and ii) the intra-group social relationships. This extended abstract shortly summarize the work in [4]: we introduce the User-Item Group Formation problem, the possi- ble solutions and the recommendation framework that organizes them. We experiment the proposed solutions using four publicly available Lo- cation Based Social Network datasets confirming the effectiveness and the feasibility of the proposed solutions.
URL: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1653/paper_9.pdf
Subject Recommender systems
Group formation
H.3.3 INFORMATION STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL. Information Search and Retrieval

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