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Fabbrini F. On automotive embedded software: process, standard, assessment and safety issues. In: DESSERT - CYBER FORUM 2016 (Kyiv, Ukraine, 19-20 May 2016).
The SSEC is part of ISTI, an Istitute of the Italian National Research Council that performs research in the field of Information and Telecommunication Technology, mostly within the framework of international research projects. The Center performs independent evaluation and certification of both products and processes in the field of IT The Center was created in 1984 and since then it has provided services concerning: The evaluation of sw products (based on quality models derived from ISO 9126 and ISO 14598) The evaluation and certification of SW products, based on specific requirements and standards: specifically, the certification of conformance of the SW on board ECRs and Ticketing Systems to the requirements of the italian fiscal law More recently, the evaluation of sw processes (SPA) according to international standards (such as ISO 15504 and Automotive SPICE), mostly in the framework of contract agreements with car makers (FIAT Auto) and sw suppliers In order to perform these activities, the competencies of the Center are derived from the competencies of the Institute and from the active participation in national and international WGs for standardization in the field of SE. -- Our participation in WGs related to the SW process, such as SPICE and WG10 (of which we have been part since the beginning, that is since 1992/93) is due to the common consideration that the quality of a product is highly influenced by the quality of the processes used to develop it (and maintain it). According to this principle, SPA can be seen as a way to understand, mange and improve the way a supplier develops software. The assessment can be done To determine a CAPABILITYlevel for each supplier, and consequently a RISK level associated to each supplier. To define selection criteria to be used in choosing suppliers, based on their CAPABILITY To understand not only STRONG areas of the development process, but also the WEAK ones, so to help the supplier to improve them To define better functional requirements and better procedures for validation and verification, which is as relevant to the customer as the supplier
Subject Automotive software
D.2.1 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. Requirements/Specifications

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