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Magrini M., Moroni D., Pascali M. A., Reggiannini M., Salvetti O., Tampucci M. Marine virtual environment to access underwater cultural heritage. In: IWCIM 2016 - International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding (Reggio Calabria, Italy, 27-28 October 2016). Proceedings, article n. 7801188. IEEE, 2016.
In the field of underwater cultural heritage, advanced technologies and tools are under development aiming at discovering, mapping, studying and securing archaeological sites. In this paper, we describe the system developed in order to disseminate the data collected during underwater exploration and to provide, to the archeologist, an effective tool to explore and analyze each explored underwater archaeological site. With this aim, the system exploits collected raw data together with the results of the detailed analysis and embeds them in a 3D interactive and informative scene. The scene is accessible both by the experts (for research purposes) and by general public (for dissemination of the underwater cultural heritage).
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7801188/
DOI: 10.1109/IWCIM.2016.7801188
Subject Three-dimensional displays
Image reconstruction
Virtual environments
Optical imaging
Virtual environment
Underwater cultural heritage
Image-based modelling and 3d reconstruction
Underwater optical
Acoustic data processing
I.2.10 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Vision and Scene Understanding
I.3.5 COMPUTER GRAPHICS. Computational Geometry and Object Modeling

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