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Gordieiev O., Kharchenko V., Fusani M. Software quality standards and models evolution: greenness and reliability issues. Vitaliy Yakovyna, Heinrich C. Mayr, Mykola Nikitchenko, Grygoriy Zholtkevych, Aleksander Spivakovsky, Sotiris Batsakis (eds.). (Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol. 594). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2016.
New attributes (characteristics, requirements) are proposed as an essential part of a software quality model related to green software. It consists of two main attributes, namely resource (energy) saving and sustainability. Evolution of software quality models is analyzed in context of greenness and reliability. In particular, well known software quality models beginning from on the? rst McCall ' s model (1977) to models described in standards ISO/IEC9126 (2001) and ISO/IEC25010 (2010) are analyzed according to green and reliability issues. Comparison of the software quality models is carried out using a special metrics of complexity and technique considering the number of levels and attributes and their semantics. Prediction of complexity for the next software quality model (2020) is ful ? lled and variants of green software attributes inclusion in model are proposed. Metrics for assessment of reliability, green related and other quality attributes are analyzed considering the standards ISO/IEC25023 and ISO/IEC9126. Results of comparing metric sets of for these standards are described.
URL: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-319-30246-1_3
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-30246-1_3
Subject Software quality model
Green software
Software reliability
Evolution analysis
Structure-semantic analysis
Software metrics
D.2.1 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING. Requirements/Specifications

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