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Tonelli D., Pietroni N., Puppo E., Froli M., Cignoni P., Amendola G., Scopigno R. Stability of statics aware Voronoi grid-shells. In: Engineering Structures, vol. 116 (June 2016) pp. 70 - 82. ScienceDirect, 2016.
Grid-shells are lightweight structures used to cover long spans with few load-bearing material, as they excel for lightness, elegance and transparency. In this paper we analyze the stability of hex-dominant free-form grid-shells, generated with the Statics Aware Voronoi Remeshing scheme introduced in Pietroni et al. (2015). This is a novel hex-dominant, organic-like and non uniform remeshing pattern that manages to take into account the statics of the underlying surface. We show how this pattern is partic- ularly suitable for free-form grid-shells, providing good performance in terms of both aesthetics and structural behavior. To reach this goal, we select a set of four contemporary architectural surfaces and we establish a systematic comparative analysis between Statics Aware Voronoi Grid-Shells and equivalent state of the art triangular and quadrilateral grid-shells. For each dataset and for each grid-shell topology, imperfection sensitivity analyses are carried out and the worst response diagrams compared. It turns out that, in spite of the intrinsic weakness of the hexagonal topology, free-form Statics Aware Voronoi Grid-Shells are much more effective than their state-of-the-art quadrilateral counterparts
URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0141029616300074
DOI: 10.1016/j.engstruct.2016.02.049
Subject Grid Shells
Architectural geometry
G.1.8 NUMERICAL ANALYSIS. Partial Differential Equations. Finite element methods

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