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D'Acunto M., Cricenti A., Danti S., Dinarelli S., Luce M., Moroni D., Salvetti O. Detection and localization of gold nanoshells inside cells: near-field approximation. In: Applied Optics, vol. 55 (34) pp. D11 - D16. Special issue: Advances in Infrared Technology and Applications. Marija Strojnik, Antoni Rogalski, Mario D'Acunto (eds.). Optical Society of America, 2016.
The optical properties of metal nanoparticles play a fundamental role for their use in a wide range of applications. In hyperthermia treatment, for example, gold nanoshells (NSs, dielectric core+gold shell) pre-embedded in a cancer cell absorb energy when exposed to appropriate wavelengths of a laser beam and heat up, thereby destroying the cancer cell. In this process, nevertheless, healthy tissues (not targeted by the NSs) along the laser path are not affected; this is because most biological soft tissues have a relatively low light absorption coefficient in the near-infrared (NIR) regions-a characteristic known as the tissue optical window. Over such a window, NIR light transmits through the tissues with scattering-limited attenuation and minimal heating, thereby avoiding damage to healthy tissues. As a consequence, the identification of NSs assumed a fundamental role for the further development of such cancer treatment. Recently, we have demonstrated the possibility to identify 100-150 nm diameter gold NSs inside mouse cells using a scanning near-optical microscope (SNOM). In this paper, we provide a numerical demonstration that the SNOM is able to locate NSs inside the cell with a particle-aperture distance of about 100 nm. This result was obtained by developing an analytical approach based on the calculation of the dyadic Green function in the near-field approximation. The implications of our findings will remarkably affect further investigations on the interaction between NSs and biological systems.
In questo lavoro, stata calcolata la possibile localizzazione di una nanoparticella di oro internalizzata in una cellula di topo e precedentemente identificata con uno Microscopio di sonda a campo prossimo, SNOM.
URL: http://https://www.osapublishing.org/ao/abstract.cfm?uri=ao-55-34-D11
DOI: doi.org/10.1364/AO.55.000D11
Subject Near-Field SNOM
Core-gold nanoshells
Tissue transparency window
H9c2 mouse cell
G.1.8 Partial Differential Equations
35Q60 PDEs in connection with optics and electromagnetic theory

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