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Romano V. TagMyDay. Technical report, 2015.
One of the main research topics of the KDD Lab is about understanding human mobility and, in particular, how humans behave in a city. These studies are usually based on the analysis of GPS or GSM tracks that describe with high accuracy the movements of the subjects around the city. This kind of analysis helps to infer multiple "hidden" details like where is the subject's home and where he works. Other types of destinations of the human movements are a little bit harder to detect, as well as the transportation mean used. In order to build a dataset of the human mobility that includes the type of destination and the transportation mean used, we decided to ask directly the subjects to tag their movements. Thus we wanted to build an integrated system that allows people to voluntarily participate to a data collecting project to: register, track their movements, send their tracks, tag their movements.
Subject Tagmyday
H.2.8 Database Applications

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