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Romano V. KDD Lab: the new Drupal 7 website. Technical report, 2015.
Technical advancement in web applications and web formats force institutions and companies to quickly and frequently update their communication strategies. Websites, Social Media profiles, document templates should be frequently updated in order to give a positive, fresh, modern and dynamic idea of their activities. The old KDD Lab website was built using old web standards and technologies and the look was consequently a little aged. Moreover, the website was difficult to navigate on small devices like modern tablets and smartphones. The lack of a heavy structure of the information published on the website caused sporadic (unfriendly) updates and difficulties in the site searches. Only a small part of the KDD Lab activities was actually published on the website and easily searchable. A new website has been designed in order to: adopt a strong content structure; easily add and edit contents; automatically link related contents; improve site navigation; improve user interface; improve visualization on small devices.
Subject Website
H.3.5 Online Information Services
H.2.8 Database Applications

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