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Danielis A., Di Lazzaro P., Guarneri M., Murra D., Spizzichino V., Missori M., Piraccini V., Mencattini A. Studio multidisciplinare della sindone di Arquata del Tronto "extractum ab originali". ISSN: 0393-3016, Technical report, 2015.
In this report we summarize the main results of the first in-depth measurement of the Shroud of Arquata, a 1:1 copy of the Shroud of Turin which dates back to 1653. The most peculiar feature of the Shroud of Arquata is the front and back human footprint which is not produced by apparent drawings or painting as in the other copies of the Shroud. In the frame of an agreement between the City of Arquata, the Technical Unit Application of Radiation of the ENEA Centre of Frascati and the Institute of Complex Systems of CNR, we used sophisticated optical and spectroscopic non-invasive technologies, suitable to the study of Cultural Heritage. The elaboration of experimental results allowed to obtain scientific data apt to suggest the possible origins of the double image, of the stains simulating blood and of the false patches embedded on the Shroud of Arquata. In addition, the experimental data allowed to develop a plan for the proper long-term conservation of the Shroud of Arquata.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10840/5790
Subject Sindone
Fluorescenza indotta da laser
Radar topologico
Fluorescenza ultravioletta
Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
68U10 Image processing

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