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Ferro E., Conte R., Bruno R., Vairo C., Moroni D., Barsocchi P., Marchetti A., Potort́ F., Delmastro F., Meghini C., Gebrehiwot A., Marinai M., Crivello A. The CNR Smart Area in Pisa. What has been done in 2015!. Technical report, 2015.
Most of the large cities of today have to face with immense problems in terms of development, traffic, social services, security, pollution, climate, health, and many more. Many European cities are currently developing strategies towards becoming "smart cities"; such strategies are based on an assessment of the future needs of the cities, an innovative usage of the ICT technologies, the development of new applications, and a multidisciplinary approach to the solution of the problems. An important aspect of this innovation process is the high level of active involvement of the citizens in the process itself, being them the final users of the complex ecosystem in which the smart cities are evolving. Since the end of 1990s, many cities have initiated smart initiatives. In the Digital Agenda of the European Commission, cities are considered as innovation drivers in areas such as environment, inclusion, health and business.
Subject Smart City
Smart Area Living Lab

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