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Pillitteri L., Russo D., Miori V., Bianchi Bandinelli R. Privacy and rights of the elderly. Technical report, 2015.
In a globalized society, the right to information and privacy must be legally regulated not only domestically but also internationally. Public opinion is that the individual must be respected in any situation and context. Older people are the most vulnerable regarding privacy. Sometimes, they need to rely on others to perform certain actions and/or to be assisted. This dependence, in many cases, can affect the behavior of the elderly who, at times, may be contrary to his expectations. In this way the dignity of the elderly can suffer a limitation. The European Charter of the rights and responsibilities of older people needed of care and treatment in aging states that if they depend on the support and the care of others, they have the right to make their own life choices and the respect of their free will.
Subject Privacy
Persone anziane
Autodeterminazione individuo
K.4.2 Social Issues

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