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Rinzivillo S., Pennacchioli D., Gabrielli L., Giannotti F. Application of ETL techniques for SmartCity Malaga dataset. Deliverable 1 e 2 (unificati), Technical report, 2015.
In this document we present a framework to aggregate data collected by sensors deployed in a portion of a distribution grid. The system provides functionalities to model the topological properties of the distribution grid, to harmonize and integrate readings coming from the sensors, to store and query efficiently the data, to visualize with a clear interface the timeseries collected. The rest of the document is organized as follows: first we show how we model the distribution grid with a graph-based representation; we describe the extraction, transformation and loading procedure; then we describe the visual interface to present the data to the analyst.
Subject Datawarehouse
Data Visualization
Data Analytics
H.2.8 Database Applications

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