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Cimino M. G. C., Palumbo F., Vaglini G., Ferro E., Celandroni N., La Rosa D. Evaluating the impact of smart technologies on harbor's logistics via BPMN modeling and simulation. Technical report, 2015.
A Smart Information and Communication Technology (S-ICT) is an ICT enabling a synchronized interplay of different key factors, aligning infrastructures, consumers, and governmental policymaking needs. In the harbor's logistics context, S-ICT has been driving a multi-year wave of growth. Although there is a standalone value in the technological innovation of a task, what is ultimately important is to measure the overall value of a new S-ICT over a combined coordination of tasks and resources, for a number of representative consumer-driven cases. Not surprisingly, a local improvement could even result in an increased global inefficiency along the entire flow of activities. Hence, the impact of a new smart technology is unknown without quantitative analysis methods on the end-to-end process. In this paper, we propose an approach based on the modeling and simulation of harbor's organizational process in terms of a workflow model. The proposed approach is founded on the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard, and it is particularly useful to perform what-if analysis or to support an efficient integration design. In this study, we also show a practical application of the approach through a real-world analysis on a marine container terminal of the Port of Leghorn (Italy).
Subject Smart harbors
Wireless Sensor Network
Workflow Modeling
Workflow Simulation

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