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Anselmo L., (ed.) .. Disposal strategy analysis for MEO orbits: report on review results and preparation. Disposal Strategies Analysis for MEO Orbits. Project report ESA 4000107201/12/F/MOS D3 Final Version, 2015.
This document collects the study notes issued for the Task 1 "Preparation" of the ESA funded study on "Disposal Strategies Analysis for MEO Orbits". The task consisted of four work packages: . WP-110, on "Review of constellation configuration, operation, maintenance and disposal", carried out by L. Anselmo and C. Pardini, of ISTI/CNR; . WP-120, on "Definition of initial conditions and dynamical models for further simulations", carried out by F. Deleflie, J. Daquin, A. Bourgoin (until September 2013) and A. Vienne, of IMCCE, and by E.M. Alessi, A.J. Rosengren (since April 2014), G.B. Valsecchi and A. Rossi, of IFAC/CNR; . WP-130, on "Review and upgrade of existing model", carried out by A. Rossi, E.M. Alessi and G.B. Valsecchi, of IFAC/CNR, and by H. Lewis, of the University of Southampton; . WP-140, on "MEO control with non-gravitational forces", carried out by C. Colombo, of the University of Southampton, and by F. Zuiani, M. Vasile and C. McInnes, of the University of Strathclyde.
Subject Space Debris
GNSS Constellations
Medium Earth orbits (MEO)
End-of-life disposal
70F15 Celestial mechanics

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