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Chiarugi F., Christinaki E., Giannakakis G., Iatraki G., Kazantzaki E., Manousos D., Marias K., Pampouchidou A., Pediaditis M., Tsiknakis M., Giorgi D., Pascali M. A., Raccichini G., Henriquez P., Matuszewski B. J. SEMEOTICONS - Algorithms and methods for facial expression analysis and psycho-physical status evaluation. SEMEiotic Oriented Technology for Individual's CardiOmetabolic risk self-assessmeNt and Self-monitoring. Deliverable D5.3.1, 2015.
This document reports on the progress achieved in Task 5.3 "Stress and Anxiety assessment" and T5.4 "Fatigue assessment". This report provides the description of the facial signs/expressions potentially related to the three psychosomatic states under investigation in WP5 and, specifically, anxiety, fatigue and stress. Furthermore, it describes the implemented first version of the algorithms for the extraction of these facial signs/expressions and the datasets used for the training and the testing, and provides an evaluation of their performances.
Subject Face detection
Facial expression
Emotional analysis
I.2.10 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Vision and Scene Understanding

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