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Ali M., Bacco F. M., Celandroni N., Giambene G., Gotta A., Hu Y. F., Jaff E. K., Le V. A., Luong D. K., Muhammad M., Pillai P., Susanto M. Literature survey and study of different possible network coding scenarios and related characteristics. SatNex. Deliverable D1, 2015.
This technical note deals with a literature survey on the adoption of Network Coding (NC), differentiated on the basis of the OSI layer where network coding is adopted. Therefore, this document is divided into three parts, as follows: Technical Challenge #1 (TC1), Network coding adopted at application layer (or just below); Technical Challenge #2 (TC2), Network coding applied at transport layer (or just below); Technical Challenge #3 (TC3), Network coding applied at network layer (or just below). The purpose of this document is to survey the different applications of network coding explaining why it is used and how it is used with a particular attention to multipath scenarios and satellite case studies.
Subject Satellite Networks
Network Coding

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