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Sala P., Fides A., Girolami M., Tazari S., Ben Hmida H. ReAAL - universAAL compliance guidelines. make it ReAAL. Deliverable D3.3, 2015.
This document is reporting on the process and progress of task T3.3 Coaching of application providers by platform experts. Within this task, the platform technical experts have accompanied the porting process from T3.2 by providing training and technical support to the application providers and pilot investors with the aim of ensuring that the porting is done with good quality. The ultimate goal is that both the related knowledge is spread more widely and failure risks during deployment and operation are minimized. The document provides first, an introduction about the terminology used in relation to the universAAL platform, describing the basics of the platform and the principles to adapt an application to be used on top of universAAL platform, which in the context of the project is known as universAALization. Then, an overview is given of the experience gained in ReAAL, that has enabled to develop compliance guidelines in the form of development patterns and best practices. Finally, the information about how the coaching process in ReAAL has been established is provided, reporting on the methods and tools used by the different pilots and platform experts as well as the lessons learned from the process.
Subject AAL
Wireless sensor Networks

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