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Musian D., Vozzi F., Fortunati L., Palumbo F., Gallicchio C., Llorente M. DOREMI - Annotated data available and easy accessible - D6.1. Decrease of cOgnitive decline, malnutrRtion and sedEntariness by elderly empowerment in lifestyle Management and social Inclusion. Deliverable D6.1, 2015.
The deliverable 6.1 provides a detailed description of data collected for the training of Activity recognition model, including three sections, Socialization, Balance and Physical activity. Data related to Social activities have been collected in three rounds involving DoReMI staff. Data have been collected in the CIAMI living lab exploiting PIR (passive infrared) sensors and doors' reed switches. The protocol applied was based on the specification of the computational learning task "person meeting the user at home (D4.1). Balance data have been collected in three rounds involving 25 elderly people respecting the inclusion criteria defined in D2.3. To train activity recognition models have been collected biometric data, Berg Scale scores and a brief anamnesis interview. The subjects had to perform three tasks of the Berg Scale using Wii balance board. Data of physical activities has been collected in three rounds involving 12 older adults DOREMI participants. The subjects have performed 21 physical exercises selected from the WHO guidelines for physical activity. Data included physiological and biometric parameters, with particular attention to heart rate and metabolic consumption during physical activity.
Subject Data collection
Physical Activity

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