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Zoppi F., Amato G., Bolettieri P., Falchi F., Manghi P., Mannocci A., Casarosa V. EAGLE - Second Release of AIM Infrastructure (version 1.0). EAGLE - Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy. Deliverable D4.2.2, 2015.
This document describes the final implementation (Release 2) of the EAGLE Aggregation and Image Retrieval system (AIM) Infrastructure in terms of: . Current implementation against the specification given in "D4.1 AIM Infrastructure Specification" (Section 1). . Details about the Metadata Aggregation System (Section 2). . Details about the Image Retrieval System (Section 3). . HW & SW requirements of the AIM (Appendix A). . Sample of the Content Checker Curation Tool (Appendix B). . Image Recognition and Similarity Search API (Appendix C). This document being just a Release Note produced as accompanying document of the AIM infrastructure software (D4.2.2, deliverable of type "Product"), please refer to the released document "D4.1 AIM Infrastructure Specification" for details about the full featured AIM Infrastructure.
Subject Data Infrastructure
Aggregation System
Metadata Formats
Data Interoperability
Image Processing
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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