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Reggiannini M., Moroni D., Magrini M., Tampucci M., Pascali M. A., Salvetti O. ARROWS - Mixed reality environment for virtual exploration of archaeological sites: final release. ARchaeological RObot systems for the World's Seas. Deliverable D 5.3, 2015.
The Marine Virtual Environment (MVE), developed in the framework of the FP7 project ARROWS, provides simulated underwater scenarios by exploiting the 3D reconstructions based on the data captured by the payload sensors installed on the project Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). The MVE has been designed and developed to represent a useful tool for both professional and disseminative purposes. This document describes the final release of the software development of the MVE for the exploration of archaeological sites. For further details the reader may refer to the previous project deliverable 5.2 ("Mixed Reality Environment for Virtual Exploration of Archaeological Sites - first release", ARROWS - D5.2).
Subject Algorithms
3D Imaging Reconstruction
3D from stereo
Computer vision
Image understanding
Multi-source signals and images
I.2.10 Vision and Scene Understanding
I.3.8 COMPUTER GRAPHICS. Applications
68T45 Machine vision and scene understanding

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