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Fides A., Girolami M., Potort́ F., Tazari S. Support and training periodic report. make it ReAAL. Deliverable ID2.1b, 2015.
This deliverable follows the same structure of D2.2, since it is an update on the status of the activities defined therein: Platform support framework, Training framework, and Open source strategy. There were almost no changes in the Platform support framework itself. After a short introduction to the (few) updates in the support framework, a set of statistics of the status on all the different issue trackers is presented, followed by a list of all issues opened and updated within the period of analysis of this version. Updates on the Training framework itself are few as well, but these are followed by a list of all available sources of training materials set up by different tasks in ReAAL. A short list of events where coaching was provided is also available. Finally the activities maintaining the Open Source community around the platform are described, including the next steps to follow.
Subject Platform support framework
Open Source strategy

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