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Danielis A., Guarneri M., Francucci M., Ferri De Collibus M., Fornetti G., Mencattini A. 3D laser colour imaging for cultural heritage area. In: GMEE 2015 - XXXII Congresso Nazionale dell’Associazione "Gruppo di Misure Elettriche ed Elettroniche" (Lecco, Italy, 10 -12 September 2015). Abstract, pp. 19 - 20. Maggioli, 2015.
The processing of intensity data from terrestrial laser scanners has attracted considerable attentions in recent years. Accurate calibrated intensity could give added value for laser scanning campaigns, e.g., in producing faithful 3D colour models of real targets and classifying easier and more reliable automa6c tools. In Cultural Heritage area, the purely geometric information provided by the vast majority of currently available scanners is not enough for most applications, where indeed accurate colorimetric data is needed. This work presents two remote calibration methods for self-registered RGB colour data provided by a patented 3D colour laser scanner prototype completely designed and realized at ENEA laboratories of Frascati (Rome) for Cultural Heritage purposes. Such distinguishing colour information opens new scenarios and problems for remote colorimetry: one among all is the independence of colour measurement by distance and ambient lighting conditions.
Subject 3D laser scanning
Cultural Heritage
3D color modeling

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