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CassarÓ P., Pellegrini D. Il progetto MONSTER: monitoraggio strutturale di edifici storici con tecnologie wireless e strumenti di calcolo innovativi. In: BRIGHT 2015 - BRIGHT Toscana 2015 - La notte dei ricercatori (Pisa, Area della ricerca CNR, 25 settembre 2015).
MONSTER - Structural health monitoring of historic buildings via wireless sensor networks and numerical tools The project aims at developing an integrated monitoring and simulation framework for the structural health control of ancient masonry constructions. Sensing will be based on small, inexpensive and interconnected wireless devices, developed by the Wireless Network Lab of ISTI-CNR. The data produced become the input for numerical simulations based on the NOSA-ITACA code, a finite-element software developed by the Mechanics of Materials and Structures Lab of ISTI-CNR to simulate the static and dynamic behaviour of masonry buildings, while taking into account the effects of cracking. The project's activities include some laboratory tests on the prototypes and the installation of a wireless accelerometer network on a monument in Lucca.
Subject Masonry buildings
Wireless sensor networks
Structural health monitoring
Numerical methods
Dynamic analysis

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