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Farace D., Frantzen J., Biagioni S., Carlesi C., Stock C. Leveraging Grey Literature - Capitalizing on Value and the Return on Investment: A Cumulative Case Study. In: GL17 - Seventeenth International Conference on Grey Literature. A New Wave of Textual and Non-Textual Grey Literature (Amsterdam, NL, 1-2 December 2015). Abstract, pp. 123 - 128. Dominic Farace, Jerry Frantzen (eds.). (GL-conference series, ISSN 1385-2308; n.17, vol. 17). TextRelease, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2015.
Sustained improvements and enhancements in the production and access to grey literature are required. Leveraging grey literature not only seeks to capitalize on its value for science and the public good, but also anticipates a return on investments in some measure. In an attempt to assess GreyNet's return on investment in grey literature, this study will identify and review efforts made to leverage its own information products and services, since its relaunch in 2003. The method of approach is a cumulative case study from 2003 onwards of a select number of information products and services provided by GreyNet. Each were introduced to serve the interests of the grey literature community and their production and supply remain sustained. The first step in the study will be a brief description of the selected resources and their intended purpose in serving the grey literature community. Available statistics and data applicable to each of the items will also be incorporated. The second step will be to design and carry out an online survey among GreyNet's stakeholders (both financial as well as content providers) in an effort to determine their involvement. And, in the third and final step an analysis will be carried out as to the intended purposes and observed uses of the items in step one with the results of the survey conducted among GreyNet stakeholders in step two. The anticipated results from this study should establish an acceptable level of disparity among the intended purposes, observed uses, and the expectations of stakeholders. The outcome should better enable GreyNet to leverage its grey literature resources - ensuring its positional advantage and enabling it to function more effectively. There are no direct costs associated with this project. Each of the partners is committed to allocate human and material resources needed to carry out their related tasks.
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