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Bacco F. M., De Cola T., Gotta A. TCP New Reno over DVB-RCS2 random access links: performance analysis and throughput estimation. In: GLOBECOM 2015 - IEEE Global Communications Conference (San Diego, CA, USA, 6-12 December 2015). Proceedings, article n. 7417700. IEEE, 2015.
Application of random access schemes in the return link of satellite systems shows appealing advantages over demand assignment multiple access (DAMA) especially in case of bursty traffic (e.g., M2M). The interactions of TCP with random access has been however only marginally explored by the scientific community, thus limiting the appeal of random access. This paper attempts to bridge this gap, by providing insights into the performance of TCP-based services running on top of DVB-S2/RCS2 satellite networks implementing Contention Resolution Diversity Slotted Aloha (CRDSA) as random access scheme. A special attention has been also dedicated to TCP modeling, since classical TCP throughput formulations fail in the proposed scenario, whereby a simple but effective enhancement is proposed in this paper.
DOI: 10.1109/GLOCOM.2015.7417700
Subject DAMA

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