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Biscoglio I., Lami G., Marchetti E., Trentanni G. Certification and legislation. An Italian experience of fiscal software certification. In: ICSOFT - EA 2015 - 10th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (Colmar, Alsace, France, 20 - 22 July 2015). Proceedings, pp. 174 - 179. SCITEPRESS - Science and Technology Publications, 2015.
The paper introduces the Italian Fiscal Software Certification scenario. Some concepts about certification are illustrated. The cash registers, as specific kind of Fiscal Meter, are described and their adopted certification process based on Italian legislation requirements is presented as well. Finally, the new related technological challenges are discussed.
URL: http://www.scitepress.org/DigitalLibrary/Link.aspx?doi=10.5220/0005558901740179
Subject Certification
Fiscal Meters
Cash Register
D.2.4 Software/Program Verification

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